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Orthoptica develops and sells 3Delta™ Easy; a new toolkit for testing individual 3D capabilities. 3Delta™ Easy gathers all the information about your stereo vision during one simple test round and presents it in a structured and easily accessible manner.

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About Us

At Orthoptica, we believe in empowering the work of ophthalmologists, orthoptists and opticians. The way we do this is by making our products innovative, efficient and easy to use. We design tools and tests for the measurement of dysfunctions of human vision. Our latest product is the 3Delta™ Easy toolkit.

The Team

Our team comprises of experts within fields such as ophthalmology, optometry, optics, medical image treatment, human-computer interaction and 3D-content production. At Orthoptica, we work in close collaboration with our partners and our network of fellow experts.


Dusan Iorgovan

CEO +33 (0)6 13 75 88 54 dusan.iorgovan@orthoptica.com

Jean-Louis de Bougrenet

Prof. Optics

Stéphanie Ferragut


Gilles Coppin

Prof. Human-Computer Interaction

Mathieu Lamard

PhD, Medical Image Treatment

Magnus Larsson

Marketing and Business Development

Our Vision, Mission and Goal

Our vision is to dramatically improve the work of ophthalmologists, orthoptists and opticians. Our mission is to transform and modernize the management of visual acuity deficiencies by providing professionals with superior, innovative, efficient and easy to use diagnostic technologies and expertise.

To realize our mission we have set up a very clear goal – to build a profitable international company that continuously develops new tools with high analytical and commercial potential. To achieve this, we have created a company focused on developing new tools and tests for the measurement of dysfunctions of human vision by combining the latest research with innovative technologies.

Orthoptica HQ

Our headquarter is situated in the Têchnopole Brest-Irois area just outside Brest, France. Here Orthoptica has an international center of excellence right in the knowledge center. The place of our strategic, administrative and business development activities is also home to our research and development site.

Rue Claude Shannon, Plouzané, France.

Orthoptica Sales Office

Orthoptica has a sales office in the center of Paris on Rue Auber.

21 rue Auber, 75009 Paris, France.

3Delta™ Easy

3Delta™ Easy gathers all the information about your stereo vision during one simple test round and presents it in a structured and easily accessible manner.

Easy to use

It is easy, fast and rewarding to use 3Delta™ Easy. The system is designed with and for ophthalmologists, ortoptists and opticians to provide the best empowerment and results available for 3D capability testing.

Clinically approved

We have had our toolkit clinically tested and approved both medically and ethically to ensure our clients that we provide a tool of outmost quality and always deliver solid measurable, valid and reliable results.

Active 3D glasses

To get accurate test results we make use of active 3D to visualize the tests. To get the best results we propose the use of active liquid crystal shutter glasses. If you have questions regarding a certain brand, contact us.

Screen and projector

3Delta™ Easy works on any 3D LCD, LED or Plasma screen, and 3D projector. Regardless if the system demands side-by-side or top-down mode. We can help you choose the system that fits your needs the best.

Easy to install

3Delta™ Easy is a toolkit where the software can be easily downloaded and installed on any Windows-based system; locally or on a server. You do not need to be computer savvy: just download and click install. It is that easy.

Expert support

Our team comprises of experts within fields such as ophthalmology, optometry, optics, image treatment, human-computer interaction and 3D-content production. We love a challenge and we are here to help.

Fixed in a comfortable position, the testee performs the 3D capability tests with only a joystick and a pair of active 3D glasses. As shown in this picture, the 3Delta™ Easy toolkit can be delivered with an eye tracker unit as optional add-on.

By our means, 3Delta™ Easy has four major advantages compared to other 3D-capability tests on the market.

  1. User-friendly! It is really easy to get started with 3Delta™ Easy (as the name implies). You will get a flying start and you and your clients will quickly learn all the benefits with digital 3D capabiltiy tests.
  2. Flexible! Thanks to the design of the digitalized test protocol you can either jump right into a test or run everything from the start. It is simple to adapt to all of your needs. Since you can set it up and install it yourself this drastically cut the cost of consultants. However, we are always here to help.
  3. Low TCO! 3Delta™ Easy does not cost more than 2 bottles of milk. Even your CFO will love 3Delta™ Easy thanks to its low Total Cost of Ownership (it is really cheap)!
  4. Experienced & reliable! We are here to empower your work and to transform the market. Our researchers and developers are constantly working on making it even better and easier - all in the name of user-friendliness.

3Delta™ Easy is a Microsoft based software which enables organizations of all sizes to cost effectivelly manage the technology either it be on a single computer or over a network of computers run as a SaaS. In addition, our system is built on widely accepted technologies and on the latest research on optics, medical image treatment, active 3D glasses and screens/projectors, and vision testing. Our research has led to:

  • New clinically approved 3D-capability tests based on immersive 3D technologies
  • Easy, fast and ergonomic interaction with system
  • Immersive 3D-engine technology to optimize test time

We will provide you with the hardware and software that you need. However, if you would like to do it yourself, then this is what we recommend:

  • 2 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.
  • 2 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 4 GB RAM (64-bit).
  • 100 megabyte (MB) available hard disk space (32-/64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • .Net 3.5

Operating System
  • Windows 7*

* 3Delta™ Easy is a Windows based program. Do you use Mac or have Linux as operating system? Contact us and we will tell you how it works.

Our Research

As the 3D content production increases and user groups are becoming more and more diverse, the need for 3D capability evaluation and a priori 3D design recommendations become more prominent. This area of research is currently in its infancy. Together with our team of researchers, business professionals and partners, we try to push the limits and break new ground - and we want to share our findings with you.

The goal is clear, Orthoptica will provide professionals within analysis of visual acuity and within 3D content production with new tools and tests based on solid evidence, concrete results and the latest research, as well as usable and useful knowledge.


Orthoptica work in close collaboration with several key actors to provide a solid tool based on the latest research within the fields of ophthalmology, optics, image treatment, stereoscopy to name a few. We are grateful to have them as partners and we have listed them below.

  • 3D Fovea Observatory provides hardware, end users, clinical staff and the presence of content creators.

    3D Fovea 3DFovea.fr →
  • The Ophthalmology Department at the University Hospital of Brest, CHRU, in France, provides the means for clinical tests and experts within the field of ophthalmology.

    CHRU chu-brest.fr →
  • Eyes3Shut provides active liquid crystal shutter eyewear for 3D digital projection and displays.

    Eyes3Shut eyes3shut.com →
  • LaTIM, Laboratory of Medical Information Processing, gives us the opportunity to benefit from their extensive expertise within dynamic forms in medical imaging, and indexing and similarities in medical imaging.

    LaTIM latim.univ-brest.fr →
  • Orthoptica is a spin-off of TELECOM Bretagne - one of the most prestigious graduate engineering schools ("Grandes Ecoles") in France.

    TELECOM Bretagne telecom-bretagne.eu →


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